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Corporate and commercial photography

Corporate photography may seem on the surface unimportant, but the image of your company can depend on it. In business first impressions are everything. A lot of people’s first exposure to your company may be a website, brochure or advert, so it’s important to ensure you’re representing yourself and your business concisely. It’s a cheap and difficulty free way of making that first impression count.

With a corporate photo shoot from Point and Click, you can guarantee that the first impression will be a great impression.

Point and Click business rates are very competitive and start at just £200. As every shoot is different please contact me with your requirements and I’ll ensure a quick response with a bespoke quote.

Business startup and corporate photography

If you’re just starting out I have strong contacts in business startup. These colleagues of mine can help with web design, logo design, business set up, stationery design and even translation. Options to give your new company the best start possible, and even if you’re an existing, thriving business these little changes can make all the difference. So make contact today and see the impact these can have.